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A Christmas for Bear

Bear?s understated Christmas celebration has Mouse feeling a bit anxious in this humorous and heart-warming story featuring the unlikely, loveable pair.

Get ready for Christmas and the best kind of surprises as grumpy Bear and eager Mouse, of the Bear and Mouse series by Boony Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton, return in a funny tale full of festive cheer and friendship.

One frosty night, Bear hears a?tap, tap, tapping?on his front door. ?Merry Christmas!? cries Mouse, who has arrived for a Christmas party. Bear has never had one before, but he?s certain that pickles are essential, along with the reading of a long and difficult poem. The problem is, whenever Bear comes back from the kitchen with treats, Mouse has vanished ? only to be found, small and grey and guilty-eyed, scurrying under the bed or searching the closet. Will there be a present for Mouse? Even just a tiny one?


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