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44 Tiny Chefs : 3

Join brave and spirited heroine Betsy and her forty-four tiny mice in a charming new adventure. Betsy is delighted that her father is opening a bakery. And when the Taster of Fine Foods for the Queen asks him to cater for a Royal Gala, it seems like the icing on the cake – until they discover just how many cakes are needed.

The whole family pitches in to help but as the day of the gala dawns Betsy knows the only way they’ll get the job done is with a little help from her forty-four mice. Just as long as she can keep them away from prying eyes… From the acclaimed duo behind THE BOOKSHOP GIRL.

Beautifully illustrated in two-colour, Betsy’s adventures are perfect for fans of ISADORA MOON, AMELIA FANG, OTTOLINE and HARPER.


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