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100 Facts Ancient Rome

100 Facts Ancient Rome is bursting with exactly 100 fantastic facts, incredible images and awesome activities to help children aged 6-10 years learn everything they need to know about the lives of ancient Romans. – Simple quizzes to test your child’s understanding of what they’ve learned. – Photo-realistic artwork to ignite your child’s imagination.

– 100 numbered facts allow your child to track their progress, and feel rewarded. Synopsis – Product details100 Facts Ancient Rome includes key topics about ancient Rome in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Every page features amazing illustrations and photographs that clarify difficult points for children aged 6-10 years.

Topics covered in 100 Facts Ancient Rome: – Famous rulers, such as Julius Caesar, and their reigns. – The great Roman Empire and its trade around the world. – Society, education, law and daily family life.

‘I don’t believe it’ fascinating facts: – The Romans invented Valentine’s Day, but called it Lupercalia. Boys picked a girl’s name from a hat and she was their girlfriend for the year!- Although the Romans liked bathing, they visited the baths only once every nine days. – Some gladiators became so popular that people used to write graffiti about them on the walls of buildings around Rome! Activities to make learning accessible and interactive: – Make a Roman toga out of a blanket or sheet.

– Quiz question: What is the name for a story told through dance and music without words?- Ask an adult to help you make a pear souffle using the simple recipe in this book.


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