Book Lovers, Welcome!

Bags of Books has been proudly serving the community in and around Lewes for over 20 years.

We care about ….

Books!  I, and my staff, believe that books are innately precious things.  We believe that books should be respected and treasured and talked about and passed on and moved from home to home and loved by generations.  Books can widen your understanding, inspire the imagination and take you beyond yourself.

Our customers!  We believe there’s a book out there for everyone and that everyone is a reader.  We are committed to striving to understand the needs of our customers and continually evolving with them.

Our staff! We believe that the people who work here are our most valuable asset.  Our knowledge, dedication and passion fuel the business and make it a place where we are proud to work.

Our bookshop!  We believe that the best way to buy a book is to spend time browsing in a bookshop.  We love providing people with a place that they can explore, where books can be discovered and handled and picked up and flicked through until one feels just right.

Our vision:

We know that sharing books with children is a wonderful and important thing to do.  By maintaining a culture of genuine excitement about books and a welcoming setting, we aim to be the place that people want to come to to find books.  We aim to be a valued part of our community; a place where people young and old feel comfortable and a part of something special.

Here’s a little bit about us, for those of you who don’t know us very well (yet!😀) My name is Rachel and I run Bags of Books, an independent children’s bookshop based in Lewes, East Sussex.  I worked at Waterstones for over 10 years learning the ropes before deciding I was feeling brave enough to try running my own shop. I live above the shop in a beautiful old 16th century building that’s a bit creaky and a bit leaky but I love it.

I feel passionately about helping children to find great quality books that will inspire them to become readers for life.  I spend the majority of my days seeking out those really great children’s books that I know kids (and parents!) will love… Sifting through piles of books, reading them, reviewing them, matching book to child, creating book lists, updating the website, gathering book bundles, badgering publishers, and passing on my love of books to anyone who’s willing to listen!📚❤️

Come and Visit Us!

1 South Street


East Sussex,


Tel: 01273479320

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 09:00am – 17:30pm

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