Our Favourite Picture Books of 2018 (The Ones You May Have Missed!)

2018 was an amazing year for picture books - we got a couple of new books by Julia Donaldson, a new release from Benji Davies, a pirate picture book by Jonny Duddle and so, so many more. But as much as we love all these, there was also an abundance of picture books that (mostly) didn't make it on to the bestseller lists, yet are our firm favourites of 2018. We hope some of them find Continue reading

Top 20 Books Set in Winter

From endearing picture books to epic historical novels, there are so many wonderful stories that have captured the enchantment and excitement surrounding winter. Here are our Top 20 Books Set in Winter.

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Top 10 Real-Life Adventure Stories

With not a wizard, fantastical beast or magical realm in sight, these adventure stories for 9-12 year olds are firmly rooted in our own world.  These wonderful stories focus on ordinary children having fabulous adventures, usually travelling far and wide, facing dangers, secrets and mystery and showing us how resourceful and brave you have to be to have a real-life adventure! Loading products... Secrets of the Tombs 1: The Phoenix Code £7.99 Leopard Adventure £5.99 Continue reading

Top 10 Children’s Books with Ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner and it's the perfect time for a good ghost story. We've picked 10 of the very best novels with ghosts for children, ranging from the only-a-bit-spooky for the younger readers to more complex tales for older children who are after a bit more of a fright. Enjoy, and try not to get too spooked! Loading products... The Last of the Spirits £6.99 Mountwood School for Ghosts £6.99 Moondial £6.99 Continue reading