Books That Help Us Talk To Our Children About The Environment October 12, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

We live in a crazy world. The institutions we have always relied upon seem to be falling apart and at the same time we are facing the biggest environmental challenge in our history. While we may want to protect our children from the worry this brings, there is no doubt that they are aware of these issues to a greater or lesser extent.

Psychologists have coined the phrase ‘eco anxiety’ to describe the worry or agitation that is caused by a concern about damage to the environment. So if we are feeling anxious, how do we have conversations with our children that convey the facts of the situation, but keep their hope and ideas about how to solve the crisis alive?

Psychologist Karen Young from “Hey Sigmund” – an online resource for parenting in the 21st Century says this:

“Acknowledge their anxiety, [but] give them hope, courage and direction; focus on what positive things are already happening.”

There are some fantastic books that do just that, so reading them together and using them as a ‘call to action’ gives us, and our children a way to channel our concerns and give them direction.

Here are some of our favourites:

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