Elon Musk and the Future of Space Travel

Earlier this month our attention turned skyward as the world’s most powerful new space rocket blasted into the heavens above Florida’s east coast. The launch marked an historic day in the history of space exploration,  with NASA saying the success of the Falcon Heavy paves the way for open access to space beyond Earth!  But this is just the start of what could prove to be an epic year for the company behind the rocket, SpaceX… Continue reading

5 History Books That (Nearly) Made Me Get Pinterest

I think I love history because I love stories.  The past has handed so SO many stories down to us.  And these stories are important, because our human history provides the context for where we all are now.  By knowing just a little bit about the stories of those who came before us, children (and adults!) will learn and understand more about themselves. I haven't always loved history... as a child I have to admit… Continue reading

Top 10 Real-Life Adventure Stories

With not a wizard, fantastical beast or magical realm in sight, these adventure stories for 9-12 year olds are firmly rooted in our own world.  These wonderful stories focus on ordinary children having fabulous adventures, usually travelling far and wide, facing dangers, secrets and mystery and showing us how resourceful and brave you have to be to have a real-life adventure! Loading products... Secrets of the Tombs 1: The Phoenix Code £7.99 Leopard Adventure £5.99… Continue reading

Children’s Books 2017: The Ones You May Have Missed.

What a year 2017 was for children's books! While the big names, the celebrity authors, the award-winning books and the long-awaited sequels were snapped up by many an eager book worm (and their parents), there were also lots more stories to love which might have slipped under your radar. So, while I hope you did pick up the the latest Julia Donaldson picture book, Oliver Jeffers' wonderful Notes For Living on Planet Earth, the first… Continue reading

Our Favourite Christmas Stories

As the big day approaches there's nothing better than pulling out those well-loved Christmas tales, or discovering some brand new stories, and sinking into the spirit of Christmas with a wonderfully warming book. Here are some of our favourite children's books for Christmastime. Best Christmas Classics: Loading products... The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey £7.99 The Night Before Christmas £6.99 The Snowman £7.99 Letters from Father Christmas £7.99 A Christmas Carol £14.99 jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var… Continue reading