Our Favourite Christmas Stories

As the big day approaches there's nothing better than pulling out those well-loved Christmas tales, or discovering some brand new stories, and sinking into the spirit of Christmas with a wonderfully warming book. Here are some of our favourite children's books for Christmastime. Best Christmas Classics: Loading products... The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey £7.99 The Night Before Christmas £6.99 The Snowman £7.99 Letters from Father Christmas £7.99 A Christmas Carol £14.99 jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var… Continue reading

Top 10 Books Set in Winter

While you may associate winter with the cold, dark days, icy windscreens, rising bills and perpetual runny noses, winter is also undoubtedly the best season for stories!  It does seem there's more possibility for magic in those cold, dark days.  From endearing picture books to epic historical novels, there are so many wonderful stories that have captured the enchantment and excitement surrounding winter. Here are our Top 10 Books Set in Winter: Loading products... Winter… Continue reading

War & Peace

In today's world, parents are faced with the challenge of explaining violence, terrorism and war to young children. Although difficult, these conversations are extremely important. They give parents an opportunity to help their children feel more secure and understand the world in which they live. The issues surrounding war and peace are some of the most complicated we face in our world and as such can be incredibly difficult to explain to children (and understand… Continue reading

Top 10 Children’s Books with Ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner and it's the perfect time for a good ghost story. We've picked 10 of the very best novels with ghosts for children, ranging from the only-a-bit-spooky for the younger readers to more complex tales for older children who are after a bit more of a fright. Enjoy, and try not to get too spooked! Loading products... Sale! The Last of the Spirits £6.99 £5.80 Sale! Mountwood School for Ghosts… Continue reading